Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Writing Challenge - Gummy Worm

                              Writing Challenge : Root Words 
          I chose to use the word root Psych, which means mind. 
                                  Words that contain Psych 
              1. Psychopath                2. Psychic           3. Psychologist
      I was in Atlantic City , when it all happened , i entered the shop thinking this was all just some baloney . I waited in  line, I was pretty excited to get my palms read be a Psychic ! I waited for half an hour until finally it began . The next thing i remembered was waking up in a place that was very familiar ,i just couldn't put my finger on it . I immediately grabbed my cell phone and called my Psychologist , he told me that i should come down right away . I eventually found my way out of this building , and went to vist him. We talked for about 2 hours and after arguing about something , he told me to get out of his office because i was a complete Physocopath.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Daziah - My Wild and Precious Life

   What will I do with my one wild and precious life . . . . 

        What will I do  ? Well , I want to travel the world . I want to explore . I want to see things and places from my eyes !  I've always wanted to go to London . . . I've seen pictures and heard about the place . It's always seemed like the most amazing place ever ! They speak very proper . They have Tea - Time at noon . What a great place right ? Now for them to make London seem as if it were all bunnies and glitter , that's  well . . . not the case . There are bad parts of London and good parts . Bad Parts - Diseases , Burglary , and drugs ! Which is why I want to see the world . See how it really is . Not just some sugar-coated fairytale !
      When I get older I also want to become a veterinarian / artist / photographer . I love all of those things and while doing those I am following my dreams . My wild and precious life wouldn't be complete without my family ! These are the things that i will do with my wild and precious life . And Believe it or not there are soo many other things !  

Sunday, December 20, 2015

All I Ever Wanted Was A Family !

I knew that the day I saw him he would be mine , and guess what ? Now he is , his name is Jerry he has two kids (infants to be exact) . For 3 months I studied him , his work schedule , his banking accounts , and so much more ! I knew where his children went to daycare , i knew where he and his girlfriend worked . I knew so much about his life . . . he had a great life to be honest . One day it just snapped in my head that him and I were meant to be . I wanted to be apart of his life no matter what the consequences were ! This Is how It all went down . . .
I approached his door stealthily , oh so stealthily .  I silently pulled an old credit card out of my pocket and grabbed the doorknob . I decided to go through the back door , because the front door squeaked every time it is opened . Anyway  , i carefully placed the credit card in the slit between the door and the inside of the house . This gave me easy access , not that I needed it . . .  all I had to do now was push on the door . Yes ! Finally I’m in his house * whiff , it smells like cologne . Very , very strong cologne . . . I like It ! He was a sleep , who wouldn’t be at 12 o'clock ? I snaked my way past the kitchen and into bathroom , where  looked for a rag of some sort . Once i found a rag a drizzled some chloroform on it , this will make the process so much easier ! After he Is unconscious I drag him out along with his two children . I carefully put them in the back seat and drive away. Once at the house i untie them and get them settled into their rooms . I let them rest and go make dinner. Wanna know what I’m going to make ? Well I’m making a delightful recipe that my  grandmother used to make Roast Beef Stew ! Literally melts in your mouth , and those steamed vegetables . Ooh delicious ! I I go to get them for dinner and find that they are still asleep . That’s a surprise , well time to wake them up ! I gently nudge his shoulder . . . no response so i get a little more violent and start tapping his face . Still no response so me being me (which is impatient ) I pull him right off his bed ! At Least it woke him up . He’s confused “ Who are you ? ” , he says . “ Where are my children ? ” I quickly correct him we can’t have this nonsense ! It’s our children , i say gently . He looks at me with his beautiful green eyes . You wait here i say , and bring him some stew . He just stares at me . . . I hand him the stew , he refuses to take it so I sit it down next to him . I tell him to wait here while i wake the kids , he just continues to stare into space . Like i said i go to wake up our children and find that they are already up ? Just staring at me . Not crying or even moving . It’s like they aren’t re- BANG ! I have just been hit - Oww ! Right in the back - ooh ! I try to get up , once I do and have a little balance i go after the only person who could have done It the dad ! I open a close in a small narrow hallway and grab some rope . I go to his room and can’t find him ! This has gone terribly wrong , we were supposed to be a family , I shout !  All i’ve ever wanted was a family and you ruined it ! I just wanted to have a nice family dinner , i weep ed . I turn around and see the man standing there , he looks at me and says “ok OK ”. He helps me up . I look him dead in the eye and say “ I’m sorry ” . I then kick him in the shin and he falls to the ground . Where i tie him up with the rope wasting no time , i drag him down into the basement . He kicks and yells . Once i have him finally down into the basement i ask him the following . Which form of torture should i use on you ? He spits at me , It  was thick and mucousy . I felt like throwing up but instead I laughed . Very well then , i think you’ve made your point , i say to the man . He shouts “ You’ll never find my children ”, he says . Which made me angry . “ Our children ”, i say as i slap him across his face ! He is once again unconscious . I hurry to a cabinet located  in the basement which contains all types of colorful duct tape in it . I decide on Blue for the man , i rip off a generous strip and apply it to his mouth . I then drag him to a wall in which has scuffs so that he may have there in my presence . I fasten him in and grab along chain , and let me tell you this thing hurts a lot ! I wrap it around my wrists twice , in order to have a decent grip . Then i whip him , first on the legs , and then on the stomach . It shouldn't hurt as much , because he has clothes on . I leave him in pain and misery while i go to look for our children ! I look in the room he was staying in . . . all clear ! I look in their room . . . nothing ! Then i go down a long hall into my room , a hah ! He was stupid enough to hide them in my closet . . . what a fool !

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Diamond's Struggle !

Diamond saw her mother approaching her , she had a worried look on her face it didn't look pleasant at all. Diamond got up from the swing and started to walk towards her mother , Diamond was very confused. Her mother was supposed to be at work,
“Why would she be at the park ”, Diamond thought? Finally they meet “eye to eye” and her mother said
“Diamond, I’m sorry to tell you this but we are moving in approximately  one month ”.Diamond started to tear up , she couldn’t believe what she just heard .

“Moving why are we moving ? ” Diamond said in anger and frustration . Her mother tried to explain but Diamond stormed off , leaving her mother alone in the park. Her mother could understand how angry Diamond was , Diamond had just started Middle School and was becoming more mature . She had made new friends and reconnected with some family in the area . It was heartbreaking, everything was going so well , moving had become a huge bump in the road ! Later, she found Diamond in her room, it looked like she had been crying . As Diamond lifted her head , her mother could see the redness and wetness in her eyes . She didn’t like to see her daughter cry , and the feeling of her daughter being un-happy made her start to cry . Her mother climbed on Diamond’s bed , hugged her daughter and said , “I’m so sorry”. Diamond knew that her mother felt her pain and asked her mother , “Do we have to move” ? Her mother looked at her with her beautiful light brown eyes and said , “I know it hurts but yes we do”. “Now wipe your eyes , and when you're ready come eat dinner”. Her mother was sad about the move too but she was the adult and had made up her mind . Now there was nothing Diamond could do …….At Least for now !

   Today I woke up to a very “ healthy ” breakfast  which consists of blueberry pancakes , bacon , and of course some syrup .  Today is the day … my first day of middle school , i am so excited that i am literally jumping for joy , and grinning so hard that my cheeks start to hurt !
I can’t wait to meet all the new teachers and kids ! Okay enough with all this school talk , i need to find out what i am wearing . Maybe this outfit will work : shorts , my favorite cookie monster shirt , and my Blue Jordans ? I guess it’s acceptable , i put on my outfit but realize that my hair was a total mess ! You could see the friction that went on between my hair and my pillow. The night before my mom had pressed out my hair and curled some strains. I was looking fabulous until now …i had to do something before my mom freaked out , and i knew just the thing . I head straight to my bathroom , turn on the straightener and wait for it to heat up. After 10 minutes of hairstyling, i look somewhat like i had the night before. I apply some makeup not much just some lipstick , mascara , and eyeliner. You know just the basics and i can’t forget a blue bow! Nah, I look way better without it. If you know me then you know I'm not the girly type!
I now head downstairs, kiss my mother on the cheek  Her cheek is so soft , anyway i wave goodbye and make my way to school!
Along the way to school i see a ginger orange cat. The cat was the most beautiful cat i have ever seen , and it had blue eyes which gleamed and glowed when the sun made contact with them! As i approached her she “meowed” and “purred” , at first i thought she was a kitten because of how small she was. But i then realised she was nowhere near a kitten , i started to walk when i heard tiny ear shrieking “meows”! I turned around and saw 5 beautiful ginger colored kittens , all with crystal blue eyes and soft puffy fur. I wanted to gaze at those kittens all day but in reality i knew i would be late , and have to get a late pass. So i quickly wave goodbye to the cats and make my way to school. I look at my phone the time was 7:35, and i had to be at school by 7:40! I was two blocks away and at the pace i was walking, i would never make it to school and into class in 5 minutes. The only thing left to do now was run  i didn’t want to but I had to, it was my only hope!
“Thank God”, i say as i walk into my class, barely on time and  panting like a dog.
Later, I find myself crammed with homework and had literally no free time! Usually on my free time, i draw or sketch something in my room. Finally, I’m done and right now all i want to do is go to sleep , but of course i don’t. I put all my homework , and random papers back into my bookbag and turn on my radio. I listen to my favorite kind of music , “Today’s Hits” it not really a genre or a type but just the music of today, it can be all genres! I started to dance and sooner than later bumped into my nightstand , “Thank Goodness”  Nothing broke ! I decided to turn off my radio and sit down because as clumsy as i am, i am bound to break something. I look at the time and see that it is 5:00 i got off of school at 3:00, which was 2 hours ago! Time goes by fast when you're having fun, I guess? I’m soo hungry *stomach growl* ,
“Diamond, dinners ready”!
“Ok”, Diamond said as she runs downstairs and sees a plate full of food. It consists of so many yummy foods like : chicken , macaroni and cheese , string beans and you wouldn’t believe how much more !
I’m stuffed i ate every single slither , and crumb on my plate ! Now i shower and make my way to my bed , i am wearing my favorite pj’s . It’s like a onesie just for older kids , it has this awesome blue print on it . It’s just like the one on a Blue Bandana ! The good thing about my pajamas is that i don’t have to wear slippers , they are fitted basically to my feet. I don’t have to set my alarm clock for tomorrow because it’s the weekend ! Basically this is how tomorrow will go :
  • Wake Up , Brush Teeth and Wash Face
  • Eat Breakfast
  • Brush Teeth again
  • Watch Netflix
  • Keep watching Netflix
  • Get Dressed , And Fix Hair
  • Take a walk around the park
  • Come home to eat lunch
  • Watch some more Netflix
  • Eat some Ice Cream (prefer Cotton Candy by Friendly’s)
  • Shower , slip into more comfortable clothes
  • Watch a movie on Netflix (you guessed it)
  • Go take a 30 minute nap
  • Eat Dinner
  • Lay out tomorrow's outfit , and go to sleep!

So i guess you can say i have a busy day tomorrow . . . Good Night ! What’s that noise ? Is someone drilling ? No , that sounds more like a garbage truck ? Whatever it is it’s soo annoying ! I’m trying to get my beauty sleep , i say with anger ! Finnaly the noise gets to me , and i have no choice but to wake up . So i go brush my teeth , and put some Ice Cream Sundae Pop-Tarts in the toaster. They are my favorite expecially when they are all warm , and gooey !  DING ! They're ready !

Monday, November 2, 2015

3-5 Sentences Homework On Story

Hello I am Gummy Worm and today i will be sharing with you , 3-5 sentences from my story . In this entry i will explain to you why i picked these sentences . I will also be sharing what i liked about them . Without further ado . . . I present to you : my 3-5 sentences that i picked ! 
Along the way to school i see a ginger orange cat. The cat was the most beautiful cat i have ever seen , and it had blue eyes which gleamed and glowed when the sun made contact with them! As i approached her she “meowed” and “purred” , at first i thought she was a kitten because of how small she was. But i then realised she was nowhere near a kitten , i started to walk when i heard tiny ear shrieking “meows”! I turned around and saw 5 beautiful ginger colored kittens , all with crystal blue eyes and soft puffy fur.
I liked this part of my story because i believed  that i really went into detail when writing my story. I used examples that were realistic and believable ! What i liked about it was that I showed the appearance of the kittens , instead of just telling what they looked like . For example : i could have said " I see kittens they are very beautiful . " Do you see the difference ?

Monday, September 28, 2015

       Daziah Feliciano was born on April 16 , 2003 in Cooper hospital at 3:36 in the morning . She has 3 brothers and no sisters which means she is the only girl , which can be a good thing and bad thing . She is a very loving and caring person , who just got two girl guinea pigs today. One of her 3 brothers goes to Collingswood Middle school and is in 8 grade , his name is Delquan and goes by the name Dellie . Her two guinea pigs are named Princess and Snickers , this is because Princess is white and has two big grey spots on her fur . Snickers is named that because she has tan , brown , and blackish / dark brownish fur , Princess is the calm one and snickers is the wild one. She is currently 12 years old and will be 13 in April of next year !